The Theosophical
Society in Australia

Newcastle Lodge

Vipassana Meditation

Public talk, 6.30 - 7.30 am, 8 March 2019.

Featured Speaker:Rosanna Sheridan
Venue:Newcastle Lodge

About the Presentation

Have you been considering attending a Vipassana retreat? Would you like to more about what you will experience if you do? Would you like to know more about the purpose of meditation and the essential findings of Gautama, The Buddha, who showed the way out of human suffering?

I would like to share my personal experiences of attending Vipassana retreats but more importantly to give you insight into this technique - regarded as The Buddha's ESSENTIAL DISCOVERY. The Buddha gave vast teachings to suit all levels of understanding. This technique is simple and everyone can use it. With commitment and perseverance one can rid oneself of negative emotions and maintain balance amongst the struggles of daily life and ultimately reach enlightenment and complete liberation from the wheel of samsāra or suffering. If time permits a short video will also be shown to elaborate on the Buddha's teachings. If you have experienced Vipassana and would also like to share your experiences you are very welcome.

About the Presenter

Rosanna joined the Theosophical Society 2.5 years ago; although she recalls being interested in the spiritual path for as long as she can remember.  She has always had an affinity with Eastern philosophy and started practicing yoga when she was 18.  She has worked mainly in the medical field - for many years as a Registered Nurse, then as a Practice Manager for a medical centre.  She now devotes her time between telephone support counselling, working part-time for the national headquarters of the T.S., supporting her lodge and spending time with her three children and cat: and of course her ongoing spiritual learning and meditation practices. 

One of the main things attracting Rosanna to the T.S. is that it provides a vast source of Ancient Wisdom within a non-dogmatic and supportive environment that is devoid of any form of cultism or profit-making and together with a regular meditation practice, feels this is a great platform for ongoing progress.  Within the T.S. she has found not only intellectual knowledge and fellowship with other spiritual seekers but also a practical way to apply her personal and spiritual growth through active service within the Society by supporting her lodge in its administrative activities and by promoting its teachings to the community and also by giving active support to the Theosophical Order of Service which supports a variety of charities to help those in need.  

Cost $3 members $6 non-members.


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